Professor Howard Cedar

Department of Molecular Biology

Medical School of the Hebrew University and Hadassah, Jerusalem

Birth Defects 


In recent years we have learned a great deal about the causes of birth defects, and about new possibilities for diagnosis of such defects before birth. Obviously, along with this knowledge come new questions and problems which have yet to be solved.

Professor Asher Ornoy will open the discussion by presenting the scientific teratological background, with an emphasis on the ethical and moral questions which this study involves. Prof. Ornoy, is a Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Embryology of the Hadassa hospital.   He is also the Director of the Center for Child Development, and has written more than 180 articles in various scientific publications.

Neonatology deals with the later developmental stages of the fetus and the newborn. Professor Arthur Eidelman has headed the neonatal department at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center since his arrival from the USA in 1978. He serves as international editor of the "Journal of Neonatology," and between 1980-1982 he was Medical Director of Shaare Zedek. Professor Eidelman will present the neonatological background of the subject.

The session will close with Rabbi Simcha Kook, who has served as Chief Rabbi and head of the Beit Din of Rehovot for the past twenty years. His fame is widespread, and his halachic articles reflect a wide-ranging halachic system pertaining to all areas of national life. Rabbi Kook's special love for fellow Jews is characterized by his search for common elements uniting all sectors of the nation - secular, religious and ultra-orthodox - with love and tolerance. Rabbi Kook will respond to the difficult questions raised during this session.