30. Any patient who is required to collect 24-hours of urine for testing may do so during the Sabbath, even if only for convenience[54].

31. A patient who needs continuous ECG monitoring over 24 hours (Holter) should do this on a week day. However, if he has to do this over the weekend, he may comply, even though the slightest effort on his part results in additional recording of heart-beats[55].He may not go out with the attached machine if there is no "eruv". He should take care that the leads etc. are attached to hairless or shaved parts of his body on the Friday so that no hairs are pulled off on the Sabbath when they are disconnected. On the Sabbath, at the end of the 24-hour period, the patient disconnects the machine from his body without turning off the recorder, to be left in a safe place until its return to the hospital after the Sabbath[56].


[54] According to R. Sh.Z. Auerbach, the container is not muktseh under the category of nolad; Nishmat Avraham Pt. 5, Orach Chayyim 321:1.

[55] According to an oral communication from R. Sh.Z. Auerbach, this is not a violation of Torah law because the there is no writing on the recording tape.

[56] Nishmat Avraham Pt. 4, Orach Chayyim 340:1 (page 55).