43. It is permissible to tear the wrapping off a syringe, medication or IV fluid container, including tearing through a perforation. If possible, one should tear between letters or words[74] and not through print[75].

44. A non-seriously ill patient may be treated with subcutaneous or intramuscular injections on the Sabbath[76]. However, one should not swab with cotton wool or gauze soaked in alcohol, even if held with forceps and even if soaked before the Sabbath. One should preferably use nylon (non-absorbent) swabs if available, or, if not, alcohol or iodine should be poured on to the appropriate part of the body and then wiped off with absorbent cotton wool or gauze[77]. A syringe with a pre-attached needle should preferably be used; if there is real need, the appropriate needle may be attached to a syringe for use[78].


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