45. A non-seriously ill patient may have physiotherapy on the Sabbath in order to strengthen his muscles; weights and springs may also be used[79].

46. A tooth that became dislodged close to the termination of the Sabbath but would still be viable at night, may be put back into its socket and held there until treatment by a dentist after the Sabbath[80].

47. A patient with an external ear infection may not fashion a cotton-wool pellet on the Sabbath in order to insert it into the ear. However cotton-wool itself may be pushed into the ear[81]. If however the patient is in severe pain such that his whole well-being is affected, and such a pellet was already available, it may be soaked in medicinal liquid and inserted into the ear.

48. A fracture or dislocation may be stabilized using an improvised splint prior to taking the patient to hospital.

49. A plaster cast that is causing severe pain or discoloration of the limb may lead to life threatening complications if untreated, and the patient must be taken immediately to hospital even if Torah laws have to be set aside.


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