177. Neither tithes (trumoth or maaseroth)[275] nor challah may be separated on the Sabbath or Festivals[276]. A patient who usually separates tithes or challah from whatever he eats, should recite a "condition" (see paragraph 181) before the Sabbath or Festival commences and may then separate them on the Sabbath or Festival before he eats[277]. This "condition" has validity only if most of the products in that area have already been tithed and the fruit is his own, or belonging to a friend[278].

178. If the "condition" was not made before the Sabbath, it is preferable, even for a non-seriously ill patient, to separate tithes or challah from the food he receives rather than eat untithed, or possibly untithed food. The separated tithes and challah are muktzeh and may not be moved[279].

179. Fruit grown and packed in Israel must be tithed even in the Diaspora; care must therefore be taken to do so before the Sabbath or Festival or to do so with the "condition" (see paragraph 181).

180. Dough that was kneaded and baked in the Diaspora must have challah separated from it before the Sabbath. If this was not done, it is permitted to eat from it on the Sabbath or Festival[280], making sure to leave over a quantity greater than necessary for challah, from which challah is then separated after the Sabbath or Festival[281]. Care must be taken to save this piece so that challah can be taken from it at nightfall[282] (regarding Israel see paragraph 178).

181. The "condition" is made by saying (before the Sabbath or Festival commences): "Whatever I may separate on the Sabbath will be trumoth, maaseroth and challah, the redemption being according to the Law"[283].


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