Genetic Alterations

, "Genetic Alterations" JME 4,1, עמ' 60.

Genetic Alterations




Genetic Alterations  




We  now  have  the  capability  to  genetically  alter  human

characteristics  like  intelligence,  height,  and  strength. H ow  should

society regard this, as a boon or as a potential danger?




For  many  years  we  have  used  conventional  methods  such  as

education,  exercise,  and  diet  to  alter  human  characteristics  like

intelligence, height, and  strength. The  new  genetic  method  should

not  be  considered  a  potential  danger  as  long  as  it  is  safe  and

accessible, without discrimination.

From  the  standpoint  of  Jewish  ethics,  it  is  permissible  to

undergo  artificial  procedures  such  as  artificial  insemination  (A IH )

or  in-vitro  fertilization  (IV F)  only  when  they  are  medically

indicated.  These  procedures  are  not  permitted  solely  for  the

purposes of preselecting the fetus’s gender or other characteristics. 

H owever, if  the  procedure  is  being  performed  anyway, due  to

medical  indications,  preselection  of  the  fetus’s  gender  or  other

characteristics,  such  as  intelligence,  height,  or  strength,  may  be

























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