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inability to drink – old patient

30 במאי 2014

הרב המשיב: אחר


shalom my fathers name is mosheh khaiim ben sarakhatooon. he is 84 years old. he is sick.
suddenly one day he said my tongue is heavy and i cant eat very well. doctors says we dont know what has happened for my father. today he cant speak and cant drink. he is very very thirsty but he cant drink even a few. he cant eat. he is very weak. we read tehilim but we dont know what tefilah must read. i ask you pray for him. i hope by helping god and your tefilah he get his healthy again.please answer me.

thank you


All of the Tehillim prayers are good! Say whatever you can or wish to say.
Often, chapters 121, 130 and/or 142 are said. Chapter 30 is also particularly relevant to a sick person. Prayers said by relatives or in the presence of the sick person are especially effective.
May G-d grant your father health and minimize his suffering.

Best Wishes  
Rabbi Meir Orlian

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