ethical and legal case – neglect of the elderly


23 באוקטובר 2018

הרב המשיב: הרב ד"ר מרדכי הלפרין


Many thanks for your email telling me about the Schlesinger Institute which I received just as we were about to travel for Pesach. Now that we have returned Boruch H' safe and well, I would like to send you the promised case material and request your kind help and assistance.

As there is rather a lot of material, I have tried to send only what is relevant but it still will take 3 emaiils. Please forgive me for sending you what appears to be a copy of my correspondence to the Beth Din London and to the Jewish Association of Business Ethics in London and for not preparing the material in your name only. Simply it is very time consuming going through the material time and time again and altering the addressee although it would have been more polite to do so.

I would like you to have a copy of the attached Resume which I have recently compiled which gives a gerneral outline of the events which happened concerning Ms Kalmanovich.

Next week, I will do my best to isolate my complaints against Jewish Care for a Din Torah .

I would like you to know that both I and my husband Reb Shimon (aged 87 till 120) for whom I am full time unpaid carer,.are OA Pensioners and he is on higher rate Attendance Allowance. I have done a public service for Ms Kalmanovich zl in taking care of her as much as I could (visiting twice a week etc) and have done this as a Mitzva for her.

Jewish Care have a lot to answer for, particularly with the aspect of Jewish Medical Ethics, which their NHS doctor in charge of her knew nothing about and or was not practising. She was apparently neglected and terribly depressed. If I would not have been there to organise her burial, she could have been cremated.

I therefore crave a little extra time in order to sort out my case against Jewish Care to the best of my ability. If in the meantime you have some questions for me, I shall be only too happy to answer you as fully as I can.

Yours sincerely

Sheila Grossnass (Mrs)


Dear Mrs Grossnass

I was very disturbed and sorry to read the troubling summary you wrote on 17.05.09.

After reviewing it and studying the subject, I think the only way to possibly resolve such a situation in the future is the legal option.

In order to use this option, there is no other recourse but a consultation with a legal expert in the relevant area and the legal status in the place of occurrence.

Since this is a specific case of improper conduct, and not basic questions of Jewish Medical Ethics, The Schlesinger institute cannot directly contribute to this case.

Shabat Shalom

Rabbi Dr Mordechai Halperin


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