The right to privecy and the right to information in a genetic mother's identity

15 ביוני 2018

הרב המשיב: הרב ד"ר מרדכי הלפרין



I was a student at Schlesinger more than 15 years ago and I remember learning something that I now need to track down.
I believe it was Rabbi Halperin who taught the relevant course, but as it was a while ago, I cannot recall for certain.

The issue we were addressing was that of ovum donation, and the teacher brought a source from the Talmud about grafting, "ילדה שסבכה בזקנה" 

The session was quite heated and centered around an attempt by, I think, Shulamit Aloni, to have a law passed requiring that no records be kept regarding the mother's identity, out of concern for her right to privacy. The lecturer had gone to Knesset to argue otherwise, and mentioned basing his argument on physical and psychological reasons as opposed to Halachic concerns in attempt to ensure that the records are indeed kept.
I need to speak with the relevant teacher.
Can you help me?
Thank you!


Please call me directly – I am available in the evenings (Israel time of course) 21:00-22:00, except for sunday evenings.

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